Monday, August 27, 2012

Chair Pockets

So This is kind of my Monday Made it from last week. I spent last week making chair pockets for my desks in my classroom. My classrooom is kind of small and the students are not allowed to have backpacks, so they leave their stuff all over the floor and I end up tripping over things (at least that's what used to happen when I subbed last year). So I got to thinking about what I could do in order to make my room a little neater and a lot safer for me, lol. Side note: The students have a cubbyhole in their desks but i don't like them to use it. All the desks are turned so they can't use them. I just found that my students were trying to hide and eat in class or put trash in them. I hate that, so that was the inspiration behind these!

 I made them in four colors! I thought that would be a cool way to group the students!  I used heavy duty black corduroy (sp) and heavy duty thread and they colored part i just a ribbon. I measured the chair at my school. kind of at the middle so I knew it would be big enough. I used fifteen yards of fabric to make 30 pockets and they were super simple. I cut out each pocket, ironed across the top and made a seam. Then I folded the bottom up, so the pockets are actually only one piece of fabric. I sewed down the sides to make it pretty and neat! They look awesome. I will post a picture of them in the room sometime soon!

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