Monday, August 13, 2012

Made It Monday

Good Evening Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was blessed! God definitely answered one of my prayers over the weekend.

Today is Monday, and I wanted to do my first ever made it Monday! I actually went to the fabric store today to make some chair pockets for my desks (I will put those up next week) and some vinyl for a map I am making for my class. I actually ended up making a teacher's tool kit. I saw this on Pinterest and LOVED it and knew I had to have it for my class this year. To see the original go to Create, Teach, Share. Her toolbox is so cute! She is using it to replace her teacher desk. I just want mine to be on the bookshelf for student use. If they need an eraser or something, then they can just go and get it. All items should be returned (not band-aids of course, lol).

This is the tool box. I bought it from Home Depot for like 17 dollars. They also have it at Lowe's. This one is gray and they also have it in blue. This is my toolbox now:
I used black and white scrapbook paper and colored card stock paper. It was super simple to make. I used an index card to measure how big each label would need to be. I printed the labels off of the computer, used a glue stick to get them to stick to the card stock. I used spray adhesive to get the labels to stick to the plastic on the iside of each box. That part was kind of tricky because the spray glue was all over my hands and my craft table dining room table! Acetone and baby oil took it right off. I'm so excited to use this in the coming year. If you have a cute trick up your sleeve, I'd love to read all about it!

Always Faithful,

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  1. Yeah, I made my today also. I made it quick and sweet. I downloaded the labels for another blogger. I picked two sheets of scrapbook paper and cut it to fit my printer. I then printed the labels on the paper. After that I only needed to cut out the labels and tape them in the draws. Really fast